Tuesday, January 06, 2004

1,500 miles, a $310.00 tip, 8 days, and one blown tire later Bob is officially back.

Let us all rejoice. Of course I am several thousand dollars in debt now.....well ok several more thousand dollars in debt then I was before living.

I had a good time and it definitely provided a plethora of entertaining stories. I asked a girl to marry me, sadly she didn't accept. I gambled in Atlantic City, sat in the VIP section at a couple clubs and overall lived life like a rock star. There is so much more to tell but not right now. I am in mourning.

Hamster, my adorable hamster, passed on while I was away. I cried for several minutes upon learning the news. Hamster was a wonderful creature who died well before her time. I miss her. So I dedicate this post to you my furry, monkey-handed friend.


Go to Hell