Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Where is Sean Connery when you need him?

Those damn Mormon's are starting to get on my nerves. First they discover the secret password to the Celestial Kingdom and now they have taken over our most beloved quiz show, Jeopardy.

Foul, I cry foul.

Go to Hell

You want to know why I am bitter, this is why.The fact that this has been going for years and been, for the most part, public knowledge is disturbing. I understand that society wants to empower women but isn't the cost a little high? Stripping men of their rights, both innate and guaranteed by the law, to insure a child has a father, and more to the point that a mother has a scapegoat to pin her problems on, seems just a bit unfair. Maybe it is just me.

Thank god I gave up sleeping with ghetto whores long ago or a false claim could have been made against me.

Moral of the story: The family-court system is totally worthless, as are the bureaucratic institutions that exist to help children. It is time to scrap the whole lot of them and begin anew. My suggestion is to make Bob Lord Protector of Children with absolute say over their welfare and development. Of course I would not directly oversee girls 14-17 due to "personal" conflicts.

Go to Hell