Friday, January 16, 2004

I am trying to watch Bowling for Columbine right now but am finding it very difficult to do so. It skews reality, to such a degree ,I am literally suffering from vertigo. Moore makes an occasional reasonable assertion but immediately thereafter resorts to childish rationale. For example there is a cartoon short in the film that attempts to explain America's violent tendencies. It attempts to be funny, I assume in a satirical sort of way, but instead is comical for its gross simplications and historical inaccuracy. Apparently, Michael Moore is not only a poor historian; he also managed to distort the meaning of the word documentary. Go to any search engine put in Bowling for Columbine and you will discover dozens of sites that point out just how misleading this documentary really is.

By the way I did find one segment of the documentary moving, which was the 911 audio tapes from the victims at Columbine and the actual security tape footage of the event. I was moved to tears. I did, perhaps willfully so, forget the horror that was Columbine, so at the very least this piece did remind me of the depths of human depravity. Though, I could have managed that by visiting the local Ponderosa.

Go to Hell