Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I have a very special post in store for everyone later this week, hopefully it will serve as both therapy for Bob and a reason for you to feel better about your own lives.

I read through some old post cards and birthday cards from the girls in my life and something very obvious and painful became apparent. There cards were of a lovey dovey nature, so one would expect romantic language. There was some of that but for the most part what the girls stated was less about my devastating good looks, and more about my "great" personality. When someone focuses on your personality, especially that special someone, and virtually never comments on your phyiscal appearance, guess what? You are an ugly bastard. I wish there was some solace to be found in my inner beauty, but as you all know, I am fucking hideous on the inside as well.

Oh well guess my career in big and tall modeling is a no-go. Then again I didn't really relish the thought of wearing lifts to satisfy the tall part.

Go to Hell