Saturday, December 04, 2004


What is the greatest threat of Islamo-fascism? Some will say it's nuclear and chemical warfare, others will contend its the loss of liberty, most fear the advent of domestic terrorism--suicide bombers come to the Suburbs, and I can't take umbrage with these fears, and I don't know what the singular greatest threat is, or even if one nightmarish scenario takes precedence over another. I do know this, however: The greatest evil caused by Fascism, be it Islamic or secular in a nature, is the destruction of innocence. The attacks on 9/11 stand as the vilest act of terrorism in history, yet that event, along with all other terror attacks, pales in comparison to the destruction being wrought on the souls of millions of children.

Children become adults; it is the chronology of man. Along the way, we become less naive, cast off the shackles of ignorance and lose a good deal of childhood innocence. The point is that children grow up and lose much of what makes them so precious--innocence. However, as I said earlier, this is a natural phenomena, it is the key component of the human condition and one that we all experience, in one form or another. The problem is that Islamic terrorism doesn't allow this process to occur, nor does it simply hasten it--like our culture of sex, violence and egocentricity does,-- instead it actively seeks to destroy the innocence of children; replacing it with vitriol hate and willful ignorance.

The Jews eat children; they rape our women and kill our men. The United States is the progenitor of all that is unholy, they value freedom over Allah, place life before honor and, worst of all, they support the Jews. We must kill the infidels, at all costs. Sacrifice your life and know absolute bliss, otherwise you risk eternal damnation at the hands of Western devils and treacherous Jews. In other words, the West is bad, America is worse, and the Jews are pure evil.

This is taught to countless children, it is force fed from birth and continually reinforced throughout adolescence. This dogma is responsible for the deaths of their children's souls. There is no worse crime, there is no greater evil. They are replacing the ignorance of naiveté with the ignorance of blind hate. The fact that this is done under the guise of religion makes pure evil somehow worse.

President Bush used the term Axis of Evil, and he was absolutely correct in doing so. He limited the term to several nations, though it truly applies to many more.(That is a post for another day) These nations feed their children a steady diet of hate; generation after generation is lost. It isn't about economics, it isn't about values and morality, it isn't about truth: It is about the annihliation of youth and the price that comes with it. Fascism is responsible for the deaths of millions and destruction of innocence in so many more.

I wish that we could fight hate with love; that truth overcomes lies; but I fear there is little that can be done externally, leaving the reclamation of their children's souls to the same people that allowed them to be taken away in the first place.

Go to Hell