Monday, December 27, 2004

I Don't Rue Today

The lights are back on. All is right with the world. Bob is happy, or at least as happy as a misanthropic lard-ass can be.

Apparently in a Sex-Ed program, focusing on marriage is detrimental to children from non-traditional families--which is code for single parent and polygamous households. Here is to a nation of emotionally stunted children, who don't know what happened to daddy but are very secure in their own sexual promiscuity.

This is an old issue, but it still makes me smile at how inanity rules the day in the hippieverse. Amnesty International fails to realize that guns kill people too; I am betting a shotgun shot to the chest poses more threat of permanent injury and death than a taser.

Quote of the Day: This is not a crackhouse. (Mother in response to the little brother's assertion that the house smelled like a crackhouse)

Go to Hell