Saturday, September 18, 2004

Forty drinks/Eleven Hours= A very dedicated dead girl. Of course her feat is negligible compared to the daily exploits of my legendary son of Ireland roomie, James. On a good day he would start drinking at 10am continue throughout the day and night, usually stopping somewhere around 3:00 am with a twenty-four plus drinks in his system. What was he like on a bad day; double the drink intake and you have a good idea. He was collegiate idol, my Kelly Clarkson if you will.

By the way I do know that it is a bad form to speak lightly of the dead, however I am going to make an exception in this case. Sometimes it is necessary to cull the stupid from the herd. I have participated in many an alcohol-laden night, sometimes consuming a couple dozen drinks in the course of a few hours.

One particular night I drank to the point where I vomited blood, lots and lots of blood. My friends decided the best course of action was to lay me on my back in bed and to continue partying on. I don't really blame them, since shortly before the red sea parted from my mouth, I threatened to throw each of them out my window and actually did throw a telephone at my roommate of the time. Luckily, I missed his head by two or three inches and instead shattered the phone against the wall. Anyway, I was left alone, up to my own devices, and very possibly dying; if I had died it would have been sad. I doubt the world would have ever recovered from my loss, I am that damn important. However, it would have been my fault that death occurred and had a misanthropic blogger decided to make light of it so be it. Dead people have better things to worry about, like brains and staving off the demons of hell.

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Pinata: Survival Island is the reason why I watch movies. It is pure, unadulterated cinematic crack. AMC Fear Friday kicks ass.

And, I thought Nicholas Brendon had no career outside of Buffy.

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