Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My erudite peers never cease to amaze simple minded me. They deconstruct the lingustic foibles of a man who is a two-fold Ivy League graduate--a feat that is only surpassed by his ability to fly fighter jets. He is definitely the village idiot. I am such a dullard for ever thinking otherwise.

Of course, his occasional lapse into the mispronounceable[1] could easily be attributed to the heterogeneous nation we live in. God damn the vernacular diversity of our country, why can't we all speak in accordance with the wishes of Mary Newton Bruder, God Rest Her Anal Retentive Soul.

I know that the millions of doctors, lawyers, programmers, teachers, accountants, writers, politicians, and, yes, even retail managers who fail to live up to standards set forth by the disciples of Bruder (which must include all the cerebral inclined folk who commented on my previous post) are simple minded dullards--I am just glad for all the company.

I just hope that you, the intellectual elite and inheritors of Robert's Rules of Order, apply your just and unbiased criticism to all peoples; we can all learn so much from your perfect purveyance of the English language.

Go to Hell

P.S. I wanted to write about sexual harassment but I got stuck after opening the post with, “The Whore deserves to suck on horse scrotum."