Saturday, January 14, 2006

I don't know what the fuck I am writing about

Please keep in mind that I am not a theoretical physicist and have read absolutely nothing about the subject, so the following is complete and utter bull-shit--which is pretty much par for the course on here.

Time and space are indivisible concepts, each working on a sort of planar logic. Neither is linear, though it is impossible to categorize them in anyway. Just as it is possible to travel from sport A to be spot B, it is equally feasible to travel from time A to time B. The only impediment is means and/or imagination. Now, with that piece of b.s. aside, here is the point of my post: since we know that matter is neither created nor destroyed, rather it is constantly transformed, I begin to question the reality of time travel. Since the building blocks of a person have--for all intents and purposes--always existed and will always exist, it seems to me that moving from one time to another is impossible; it would require same matter to exist simultaneously. Obviously, there is probably a scientific solution to this, but I begin to wonder what if all people, things, everything existed everywhere and every-when. In other words, I, Bob exist here now, before, then and forever. Absolute omnipresence (I know the term seems redundant but being everywhere and every when seems to require a little extra oomph) applies to us all, even the Polish. The problem is where is this unlimited reservoir of being, it seems that such a large surplus of unapplied matter would be detectable; my best guess it is located in a landfill near Scranton. Anyway, thanks for reading the ramblings of my recent show sojourn, you have to admit it beats masturbating with bar soap--f.y.i bar soap typically winds up in ones urethra and causes a not so minor amount of pain.