Sunday, March 14, 2004

I had a shitty day but will spare you the gruesome details or maybe I won't. But my tirade has to wait as I received the greatest email today.

hi,my names marissa,im 10 years old.yor story is so sad . .im going through someting like that.i get bad grades in science and math, i have about 10 people in my faimly died.
write back soon.
i have aim my screen names are
nsscswimmer, and


It is hard to believe but the text alone does not do the message justice. The email's background is tiled with multiple Police Department images. Obviously someone thinks it is funny to associate pedophilia with Bob.......which normally would be true however; I would never pick up a pre-pubscent girl on the internet. I prefer finding them in shopping malls and local parks.

Go to Hell