Thursday, May 20, 2004

I am not really happy with the "new and improved" but it will do for now. I have rather enjoyed working with Dreamweaver however; it does have its limits. Namely, how easy it is for the user to forego learning HTML, instead relying on the easy-to-use interface. But, I am far from a webmaster anyway so simplicity, at least in terms of web design, is a major plus.

There is so much I want to bitch about right now but there is one thing that stands out. A young lady actually came looking for Bob but low and behold he was no where to be found. I actually had a decent chance to hang out with a woman but somehow managed to fuck it up. The details don't really matter, sufficed to say I chose an afternoon nap over a lunchtime date.

Fuck me with a rusty spatula.

Go to Hell