Friday, February 04, 2005

What I think about Links (not the once staple Personal Computer Golf Game)

If only she would have had a heart attack. Maybe next time when good-natured teenagers stop by, they will shoot her in the head instead of leaving cookies.

I would say that he is a polarizing personality, but since virtually everyone hates him, I will simply refer to him as an ass. It is good to know that professors can be held accountable for their words, though it did take several years and Bill--Talk Dirty To Me--O'Reilly to force the issue.

Finally, I may not share his joy in killing the enemy, but, really, don't we want our soldiers to enjoy their work. I, for one--or would that be two, since Lt. Gen. James Mattis originally expressed it, think that the Taliban soldiers were not positive examples of manhood, in fact, I would call them ball less monkeys. I hope the Council on American-Islamic Relations can forgive my brutal characterization of their Islamic brethren; if they can't, I am willing to let them cut off mom's head and to call it even.

Go to Hell