Thursday, June 10, 2004

The new job isn't too bad but I still want to quit. I had a very thoughtful and engaging post pertaining to this exact subject but decided, at least in this case, that is less more. So, here is the truth behind my desire not to work. I am a lazy fuck who refuses to grow up. End of story. But, I still manage to love myself, quite frequently actually, so don't feel too bad for Big Bobber.

An extremely large, as in top three banks in the world, seems to have lost there mind and approved a $30,000 loan in my name, alone, for additional education expenses. Problem is I have to demonstrate enrollment in college and provide proof of employment. I am seriously considering forging one of those documents, returing the promissory notes and fleeing to Mexico shortly after the loan is disbursed. Bob would live like a king in the sewer water capital. And my parents thought I lacked ambition.

This is good to know, especially if you like your ladies young, stupid and non-whorified.

Go To Hell