Wednesday, August 18, 2004

One and only one thing has captured my attention this summer, Amish in the City. At first I thought the show was a parody of reality television, because really who in their right mind green lights a Real World like show with half the cast being Amish.

Yet, after watching a few episodes all I can think is "I would like to meet that crazy son of a bitch." Surprisingly the real genius of the show is not the Amish folk; instead it is the antics and boorish behavior of their Big Brother reject roommates. If you ever thought stereotypes were wrongheaded, bigoted or simply, stupid please go watch this show because virtually everyone is represented and exemplified here. Who would have thought that a group of Amish would be far better adjusted to the "real" world than their cookie cutter roommates. The show is genius I say, genius.

And, Mose is my a hero.

Go to Hell

By the way if you ever do catch the show please do not watch the horror that comes afterwards. UPN was attempting to put a new spin on the choose-your-mate & date reality format but forgot one important social caveat. When a man dates, and when I use the term date I mean fucks, many women he is considered a player. Conversely, when a woman dates lots of men she is called a dirty, dirty whore.

Fair? No, but the fact that I have course pubic hair running up the interior sides of my butt cheek isn't fair either, so learn to deal with it.