Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I wake up constipated and stuffed in. You know it is going to be a great day when you are literally full of shit and snot. I look outside and see several inches of snow, which is a little surprising since the temperature was in the low sixties yesterday. Of course I live in the Ohio Valley where the only metrological constants are wacky humidity and my hair standing on end. One could argue that my hair, whether effected by humidity or not, does not constitute a weather phenomena. These people obviously have never witnessed the force that is my hair, especially those hairs located on my rump. There is nothing worse than having ones butt-hairs stand.

Apparently there is a suspect in the Ohio Sniper case. That blows my angry Islamic Denison student theory all to hell. I still think those curry-smelling bastards are up to something but only time will tell.

This is a dangerous new world we live in. For example the Spanish suffer through a horrendous terror attack and decide the best course of action is to cut off all ties to their Western Allies and elect Mussolini’s heir apparent. Other then the last hundred years of history and anyone with a minimal understanding of global politics who is to say that isolationism won't work, especially when it is attempted by radical socialist regime. Sounds like a winner to me.

It is heartening to know that even in this new burgeoning world of snipers, terrorists and crazy regimes we can always count on some things to stay the same.

Go to Hell