Saturday, July 31, 2004

I really enjoyed this site, I wonder why? Pay close attention to the Least likely for you to mind being raped by winner, as she has caused quite a stir in the internet community. She is cute, a sex offender, and a Southern Belle to boot. Definitely someone I would take home to mom.

Earlier this evening I saw that which no man should ever see. I was leaving the mall when a cute blonde appeared in the corner of my eye. She looked to be around fifteen to sixteen years of age, was approximately 5'2 and at first glanced, which consisted of checking out her face and legs, she weighed no more than 110 pounds. Lately, I have been leaving the bosom for last, when checking out a girl, and what a surprise that caused today. This girl had a pair of breasts that defied nature, the word mammoth does not even begin to do them justice. In fact the only proper way to describe them would be; cyclopean mounds of alien flesh. I seriously considered approaching this young lady, but what would I say? Miss, those awe inspiring mountainous things, you call breasts, can't be real, but you appear to be too young to have implants, so really the only relevant question is; Can I touch them?

Go to Hell