Friday, October 01, 2004

I know that race and sports is a touchy subject, and that I am a raging racist for talking about the wedding between the two, but I can't ignore the this fact: that samurai can fucking hit.

I am only using accepted, positive racial stereotypes from now on. I am a changed man and no longer a fan of the klan.

Though, truth be told, I am still pissed about Pearl Harbor and hope that kamikaze-loving, single hitting bastard is dropped at a nuclear testing site and forced to relive Nagasaki, H-Bomb style.

Keep that last part between you and me, since I am supposed to be a reformed racist and all.

Go to Hell

The debate last night was boring and of no substantive value but it will probably garner Kerry a small, albeit extremely valuable, number of new voters.

Bush wasn't trounced by the Marxist candidate, in fact both candidates spent most of the evening spewing carefully rehearsed rhetoric, neither gaining nor losing ground to their respective opponent. However, GWB did react poorly when Kerry besmirched his record, often distorting his face into a scowl. And, John Kerry was a much more eloquent speaker, which isn't terribly important in terms of leadership but it is a must have for a successful debater.

Last night wasn't a major victory for Kerry, though it was a victory nonetheless. He proved there is still life in his paint-on-tan campaign.

I feel like being vindictive.

Go to Hell