Wednesday, January 14, 2004

After speaking with my college advisor yesterday a few things became evident: First, my professor thinks I have a boat load of potential. Second, that same professor believes I had "good" enough grades in undergraduate studies to make it into grad school. And finally, he believes that I would make a great newspaper columnist (if I work on my writing). Since the tone of the conversation was overly complimentary, I am willing to accept his one criticism. It feels good to have ones ego stroked and I haven't had the pleasure in quite a while. Of course I'd prefer a different type of stroking but 1-800-dial-awhore is too cost prohibitive.

Today I had a fairly good phone interview with a general manager from Pilot Travel Centers. He scheduled a face-to-face interview this Friday to see if I would be a good fit with the company. The job in question is a managerial position, where I would work with 3 other like minded souls under the auspices of a general manager. Honestly, I have no interest whatsoever in this position however; it appears to pay fairly well and would provide a means to escape from my own personal slice of purgatory, otherwise known as Da'Trailer. As of right now I plan on going to the interview, which is very rare, and who knows maybe I will be offered a position. Then again there is a very good chance I will rebuke this company, like most others, and instead focus my efforts on developing proper kegel technique.

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