Monday, February 16, 2004

The final harbinger is here, the end time draws nigh for Fox television has produced a two-part midget dating show. Thus far it is very similar to the Bachelor except all the parties involved are less than four feet tall. However, there is a major twist "average" sized women will be introduced later in the show. I have two things to say first: Jesus Fucking Christ what is wrong with Fox and second why not introduce chimpanzees into the potential dating pool because midgets and monkeys would make great television.

I could critique the show but really there is no need. The Littlest Groom marks the end of human existence but don't fret because the Cockroach Overlords will soon take over. Hopefully they won't make the same mistake and let insipid reality television destroy the world.

Go to Hell

Update: Miniature women jumping up and down on a bed is sort of hot. I should date a midget especially one who is only dated other midgets because at the very least my junk would look average and perhaps even huge by comparison. Just a thought please continue going to hell.

Update Part Dos: Midget ladies hitting a golf ball is hilarious, not to mention stirring in the groin. That is all, please maintain your descent into the fiery pit.