Thursday, October 28, 2004

Silver Bullet is an underrated horror classic. Remember when Corey Haim wasn't a burnout, or when Gary Busey was a crazy lunatic--ok, the last one has always been the case. Anyway, this is a fantastic film adaptation of a Stephen King short story.

I am not a big fan of King's, or at least not his written work. I can't stand his prose but I fully admit that he has a rare genius: he creates vivid stories that serve to both scare and delight (writes like shit, though). I know this from watching the various films based on his work, and I have suffered through a couple of his novels, one novella and several short stories.

Definitely check out the movies based on his work, and if you have stomach for it, read his novels, novellas and short stories. Though, make sure to stay away from Misery and Riding the Bullet; both are horrendous reads and the cause of many a mediocre nightmare.

Go to Hell
I don't like John Kerry the candidate. It isn't because I don't like his political persuasion, or because of the heinous actions he committed thirty years ago (he lied to get on TV, albeit at the expense of his fellow soldiers. Today, people eat cow shit to garner fame--both acts are regrettable). No, I dislike the candidate because he has no principled positions, none whatsoever.

My problem with John Kerry is that I don't know who the man is because he only presents the calculated politician. Bill Clinton was very similar, except he had incredible charisma to bolster his lack of principles and values. Nonetheless, they are from the same school of thought: where the instructors preach idealism in the form of relativism; a place where the students care less about fact than perception; it is the University of Intelligent Debate divorced from wisdom based response. John Kerry the politician will be a disastrous President, because he will cause the minimal amount of waves, not comprehending we are drowning the whole time.

He spent nearly two decades in Congress without distinguishing himself in any wayIn fact, the only reason why anyone knewof John Kerry (pre-2004) is because his name was dropped as a possible Presidential candidate in 2000 and 1992, oh and he admitted to killing innocent Vietanmese civilians. He is nearly indistinguishable from several hundred of his colleagues, except that his wife is worth several hundred million dollars and he claimed to participate in war crimes. I can definitely see why he is your candidate

I don't like the liberal ideology, as it causes far more harm than good. But, I do acknowledge much of the platform is meant with the best of intentions. For those of you who believe in this train of thought, I hope John Kerry doesn't win, for your sakes. Because you will find that as President he will be as effective as Bill Clinton, probably even less so. Clinton had his remarkable chraisma to cloud ones mind when, and if, you realized he didn't accomplish a thing in eight years of office, minus the blowjob. Slick Willy was an acceptable loss, at least for me, because he provided several years of material for the late night talk show hosts. However, we can't afford to wear rose colored glasses any longer; the Muslim extremists want to blow up our civilization issue needs our undivided attention.

Then again, who am I to stop you from electing a shitty leader. Let's examine a small sampling of what he will (not) accomplish as President.

Gay rights? John Kerry isn't going to be your champion, in fact his position is nigh indistinguishable from President Bush; he supports the polls which don't support Gay Marriage. At best you can hope for don't ask, don't tell type policies, which have sure worked out, thus far.

Women's Rights? Heinz will be seen until she does something disastrous, a la Hilary and universal healthcare, then she won't be heard from again. She will empower militant feminists everywhere and we all know how important they are to the well being of this country. Your god-given right to abort your fetuses will remain intact, but isn't going anywhere as is. Congress will never approve a Supreme Court nominee who will tip the scales concerning abortion--it won't happen.

The economy? Well, we can only hope that another gigantic stock bubble arises that converts millions of average folk into stock traders--until it bursts and little Johnny is left without college money. Hopefully, we can also count on a few ethically-retarded CEO's to cook the books causing the economy to entertain short-term gains and court long-term disaster. And, the rising taxes will definitely bolster the economy--people are always more likely to invest money in marketplace when the government raises taxes. I know it is a non-sequitur but what does logic have to do with our financial future.

Healthcare? Universal healthcare will never happen in this country; there is no way to pay for it. The plan he presents only pays for 20% of the tab, which the wealthy will pick up, guess where the other 80% will come from? Answer: The not so wealthy who can't afford healthcare as it is.

The war on terror? The French and Germans will definitely turn the tide of the war. Al Queda is shaking on their camels at the thought of having to bribe Chirac. Iraq? My previous point applies here as well. Kerry's plan to pull troops out as soon as possible is wonderfully unclear, ASAP must mean five to seven years in Kerry speak. We are going to be there for the long haul--regardless of who you choose as President. However, I am pretty sure the insurgents are quaking in their boots at the thought of the French becoming involved. I mean look at how they put Saddam in his place by funneling him billions of dollars through the Oil for Food program. Yea, that sure stopped his genocidal regime.

Conclusion: Vote for John Kerry or suffer four more years of decisive and moral leadership. We want our leaders to only serve a political agenda, to follow the whims of the majority and rarely, if ever, lead.

Go to Hell