Thursday, May 13, 2004

I am back. I know you missed me but was it really necessary to bombard my inbox with thousands of emails. This post is dedicated to my loyal fan base. You can't imagine the feeling when one opens up their email client, sees hundreds of new messages, and is greeted by a semi-constant Virus Alert pop-up. However; I did find it odd that most of you were interested in commenting on my penis, in particular its length, and my desire for larger breasts. How did you know?

I am going to do something unprecedented and actually post the names of those who messaged me during my hiatus.

I Hate You Email Honorarium

Blanca Madrid, Cool Stuff, Erin Bain, Jeremy O., intimate assistants, Tadams49, group fun, Vipers_Pit, Mfine109, pure fun, ladies of pleasure, Bradsmith, Valdezja, Christopher37, Leona Fortune, Angela Smith, Willhillwv, Coachslowslow, Vger, backdoor entry, vibekws, 3 at a Time, Tcny420, Asian Hotties, Topcast342, Wannabe Starlets, VickC, Sticky Girls, Emanuel Ellis, Nannie Hampton, Carolyn Espinoza, Otto Mackey, Etta Roth, Marco Parks, Bobmen1000001238, Bobmen10000821, bobmen8131, and last but not definitely not least, Stupid Sluts.

Thanks again for keeping in touch guys, especially Bradsmith, who sent me links to movies involving trannie back-door entries and barn yard “fun”.

Go to Hell