Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I typically don't rehash a subject, unless you count my hatred towards women, but this guy deserves another post.  I am glad that a page 2 Espn writer actually compared him to Michael Jordan because I actually thought the same thing. 

Obviously a pencil necked software engineer has very little in common with MJ, at least externally but they are both similar in one important way.  They have the x factor, the it gene, the ability to hit a fading jump shot over Craig Ehlo and send Cavaliers basketball into the stone ages (at least till Lebron came into town).   I only watched this smarmy little bastard one time, and it was only for a half of Double Jeopardy, but you know was painfully obvious from even this short viewing.  Ken Jennings is absolutely unbeatable.  Of course one day he will falter and fall, no one wins forever, not even the # 23 but when you watch this guy that is exactly the impression you get.   There is an heir of invincibility surrounding him that is hard to accept and impossible to like but undeniably entertaining to watch.    I never liked Jeopardy, which is why, even now, with the quiz master dominating the show, I don't tune in.  But, deep inside I know, as should you, that something special is going on in Trebek land.  You might not tell your children about it but maybe you should.  You will be hard pressed to ever find a more impressive example of absolute mastery and actual historical evidence of what being in the zone means.   Any non-athlete who draws an analogy to Michael Jordan is special but one, who might actually be even more dominating in his chosen field, is extraordinary. 

Ok, enough of me suckling the Mormon's ass.  Though, I would like to say that Bob was once in the zone as well.  For twenty minutes I satisfied a girl in ways that Ron Jeremy could only imagine.  It didn't hurt she was drunk, or that I was so nervous that ejaculation was not physically impossible. But, even taking that into account doesn't deny that for a little over one quarter of an hour Bob truly did live up to the name, Big Sexy.  Her dam did most assuredly come crashing down and she did spill a flood, in spurts of course, that would do Noah proud. 
Ok so that is really why I wrote today's post, to brag about my one, and really only, mutually gratifying and successful sexual encounter. 

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