Monday, April 11, 2005

Fan Mail: I deserve to be shot

The following post is an actual piece of fan mail, and my very unfunny--but trying to be so--response. Keep those love letters coming, I really enjoy them.

Fan Letter wrote:
what the fuck is wrong with you pricks you all deserve to be shot!!!!!!!!!

Heartfelt Response
Are you using the royal "you", if such a thing exists, or simply lotting me in with the rest of the world's pricks. I would rather not be shot, as it is often a fatal occurrence, however, I am not entirely sure I can argue against my deserving a lead based diet. Then again, you don't know me very well, so I curious as to why you think I deserve to be shot? Did you discover my collection of hentai--god love tentacle loving, or learn about my past Nazi affiliation? If so, then yes, you should feel that way; otherwise, please refrain from threatening my personage via email.

By the way, fuck you and die.