Sunday, July 25, 2004

The auctioneer's exam was not too difficult, thought it apparently written by a mad Arab, as it mentioned the summoning of the ancient Old Ones in several places.  Actually, it was written by the former legal consul of Ohio, who now enjoys writing testing material in the most convoluted and imprecise ways possible.  I pointed this fact out to the Administrative Assistant, who basically runs the Auctioneer department, which is scary in of itself, but anyway she didn't take kindly to my harsh, albeit entirely accurate, criticism.
Here is an example question from the test, and I am really not exaggerating in its presentation

Is it not false that when one sells 300 cattle at auction, they are not mandated by the State of Ohio to have an auctioneer’s license?
The above example was in the True or False section, thought I wouldn't have been surprised if they put it in the multiple choice area.

When selling chattel property at Auction, in what instances are you NOT required having an auctioneer’s license?
A. When selling your own property.

B. When selling your own property, which was not bought for resale.

C. When selling your own property, which was not bought for resale and purchased within the last ten years.

D.  All of the Above.

E.  None of the Above

F.  When Lord Yoggosoth deems it fit not to.

A, B, C, are all correct and subsequently D would be the proper answer but A could very well be incorrect.  If you read the Ohio Revised Code, it clearly states a person must not be selling property bought for resale, if they have an auction without a license. Since, the other two choices specifically mentioned "not for resale" one could easily assume that the test-maker/laywer/retardedwhore put in choice A to confuse and mislead the test taker.  Furthermore, answer C could be a red herring as well because the ten year provision is not applicable or mentioned in the ORC.  In other words D is probably the answer but B is the best choice because it is the only one that is clear, accurate and actually referred to in the ORC.   I picked choice F

By the way if you think that previous examples are fabricated, or at the very least greatly exaggerated, please do read test makers previous work located in the ORC, in particular section 4707.   She really does have a gift for making the easiest concepts and procedures complicated as hell.  I pretty sure she hand in writing the Microsoft user agreement as well

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