Friday, February 20, 2004

I talk to myself way too much. The occasional mumble, or even a rhetorical question or two is fine but having full blown socio-economic discussions with yourself is unacceptable. I need to leave the trailer and engage in human interaction but that is so much work. My parents refuse to speak with me for more then five minutes. I did try to have an engaging conversation with my little brother but he felt my position on partial-birth abortion was wrong and proceeded to punch me in the nuts.

I didn't really think verbalizing my internal debate was much a of problem until the other day. I was questioning the value of relationships, specifically wondering the worth of sexual activity, when I blurted out that "Bob needs a blowjob." As luck would have it, two middle age gentlemen stepped out of a restaurant in front of me at that exact moment. I sighed in relief when neither offered to give me one.

Go to Hell