Monday, February 09, 2004

During the commercial break for MTV's The Inferno (which by the way is great fucking television) I watched the commercial for Choose or Lose 2004. I think it is a partisan commercial, basically, it says if two million more young people voted , in the last Presidential election, the results could/would have been different. Beyond that little gripe I take serious issue with the overall message, which is to encourage voting for the 18-34 year old demographic. I am fine with everyone 30 years or older voting in national elections. However, I'd rather everyone age 18-29 stay home.

I know hundreds, if not thousands of people, who fall into that age group and honestly there are maybe six who have any clue what is going on this country. I am a product of a generation that gets their political news from MTV, the Daily Show and watching the headlines banner on CNN. It terrifies me that people of my generation have the potential to sway a national election. I wouldn't trust my demographic to choose a high school hall monitor. To be fair this critique applies to Bob as well. When Democraticus was envisioning a new form of government, he sure as hell didn't have me in mind.

I haven't delved into specific reasons or provided substantial objective support of my assertion because there really is no need to. Our culture is inundated with evidence that clearly points out why young people shouldn't vote. All you need to do is watch MTV, read a college newspaper, observe any social science related graduate course, or simply walk into a local McDonalds to see that I am right.

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