Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I want to write a short story. Actually, I want to write several dozen short stories. But, I will have to start with just one. I have mulled over one idea for nearly two years but decided it wouldn't play out so well; it seems a direct to trash bin release had a similar concept. And, writing a story about serial killers (in particular one who cuts up young college coeds) hits a little close to home, you know.

Therefore, I am going in a totally new direction, and I think it will be much easier. It involves poker, the devil, lost souls, redemption, and Helen Keller. I have always been fascinated with the morality tales dealing with the devil. How one always loses (unless it is a fiddle contest, or involving the namesake of a dictionary) when given their greatest desires. Anyway, it is my plan to have a viewable draft finished by Halloween.

I know you are asking yourselves: What does this mean to me? And, why do fuck do I care?
The answer is simple: You all are my bitch, bitches.

The time I usually devote to writing on my blog will instead be used on the story. I will probably post a link or two, maybe even a hate filled racist rant, however; it is my intention to spend the majority of my time on the computer looking up porn, then writing my story.

Wish me luck,

Go to Hell