Saturday, January 10, 2004

Ponderosa poisoned me yesterday and as of yet I haven't recovered. It was either their fat-laden steak or greasy chicken wings that did the trick, boy what trick it was. I have suffered untold gastric agony in the past, much of which was documented here, but this may very well take the cake. I had to go potty constantly throughout the night, morning and now the afternoon. Though I was able to catch up on my reading so it could be worse.

Anyway enough about my defecation woes as I for once have something of substance to say.

Abortion is wrong. It is morally reprehensible and is akin to killing. I won't go so far as to say murder since that is more a legal definition and as of right now it doesn't apply. Do I hate people who have abortions? No, not at all though I do pity them. The act of taking another persons life must be incredibly difficult; thankfully I am not privy to that feeling. It must be even worse to take an innocent life. Or so I would hope. I am not going to sit here in judgment of the millions of women who have chosen this action because at this point it is too late. Instead I am focusing my ire on the millions of Americans who blindly support abortions rights simply because it is the politically correct thing to do. You are the problem and indirectly responsible for the millions of children who have died and will die in the future.

First and foremost whoever decided to wed feminism and abortion is an idiot. Women's rights do not trump human rights. Meaning a baby’s right to live does not come to secondary to a woman’s right of convenience. A woman should have the right to prevent pregnancy not to terminate it. The fact that millions of women believe it is their innate right to abort is a travesty against logic and human nature.

Personally the pro-choice segment I detest the most are the men. These jokers are guilty of both blindly supporting the cause because of its aforementioned connection to feminism and also denying their legal rights. Let’s tackle the former issue first. It takes a man and woman to create a baby. So one could easily see how each is heavily invested in the baby. With that in mind why is that men have no say when it comes to abortion. We don't get a vote in the matter, though if the pregnancy does go to term we are legally bound to support the child until it reaches eighteen years of age. Sounds fair right? Obviously it does not and it is absolutely ridiculous that any man would accept such a proposition, pro-life proponent or not.

Now as to why many men support the pro-choice agenda, well they are victims of their own apathy. They accept feminism at face value because that is politically correct thing to do. To question it would require effort and also lead to inevitable criticism. Honestly what is the upside for these guys? Being a man and pro-life supporter requires concerted effort, research and willingness to be labeled a misogynist. Thankfully I have been called much worse so I am fine with whatever the prattling P.C. masses deem fit to label me.

I am done ranting. I could go on much longer, make better points, but that is for another time and by much smarter person than I.

Go to Hell